11 Things Everyone Who Hated Open Days In Secondary School Will Understand

February 19, 2020

A lot of things was fun about secondary school, but Open Days and PTA meetings were not one of them, especially if you were someone who tries as much as possible to keep your parents away from the school

1. You, when it’s time for another Open Day

Heh, I’m in danger

2. When your mum confirms that she will be there

Don’t you have better things to do?

3. You, rushing to complete your biology and economics notes

Image result for boy writing meme

This is the last thing I should be doing

4. You, praying that the teacher who hates you develop something that will keep them at home

Please, God. This is the last thing I will ask you.

5. You, on Open Day, hoping that something had held your parent down at work

Please, Gd. Do it for your boy.

6. When someone comes to tell you that your parent has arrived at the school

Thanks for nothing, God.

7. When your parent brings up an issue that happened at home

Wow! The betrayal.

8. You, when a teacher says something good about you

Daz how star do

9. When a cruel senior suddenly starts acting nicely in front of your parent

If you don’t geddifok.

10. When the meetings take too long and you can’t leave without your parent

Just kill me. Why did you even have to come?

11. When your parents threaten to withdraw you from the school because your teachers said you’re not behaving

Ahn ahn, small play o.

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