1. They have started doing funky hairstyles.

They are now looking fine for someone else!

2. They are no longer changing their hairstyle.

Someone has told them they love his hairstyle on them.

3. They no longer answer you when you talk.

They’ve spent all their energy talking to someone else.

4. They have started talking too much.

Someone has been encouraging them to speak more.

5. They are always smiling.

Ask them who is making them so happy oh!

6. They are always frowning.

Because your face is now irritating them all the time.

7. They never buy you anything but they are always broke.

Who is chopping the money please?

8. They now have so much money it’s pouring everywhere.

So who is giving them all this money?

9. They are always hiding to talk on the phone.

Very good! Who are you talking to?

10. When they are on the phone, they laugh too much.

What is funny please?


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