1. When you’re driving and you see a police checkpoint.

Hay God!

2. The Nigerian police starter pack:

The truth.

3. Nigerian police, when they see a car with tinted windows.

God epp you if you don’t have your permit.

4. When they stop you and ask “can we know you?”

This is how it starts.

5. When they see a young person driving a nice car.

Stop there.

6. When they just assume you’re either a yahoo boy or a runz girl.

Na you sabi.

7. When they ask to see your phone.

Why the hell?

8. When they start waving gun in your face on top checking license.

Is it that deep?

9. When they jump in your front seat and tell you to drive to their office.

Oshey Fast and Furious.

10. When they see that you have all your particulars complete.

Jisos! Are you LASTMA?

11. Nigerian police and “anything for boys?”

Na wa! Is this your job?

12. When you finally do ‘happy weekend’ for them.

Can I go, biko?

13. When someone says “the police is your friend”.



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