1. Having lunch at the office at the office can be stressful!

2. Or it could be a comedy of errors!

3. If you pack food from home, there’s the stress of having to prep the day before…

4. Or wake up earlier than normal to prepare your meal.

5. Then you get to work and amebos are asking “what is in your cooler”?

6. Please, even if it’s human head, are you the one that’s going to eat it?

7. Then there is the wahala of finding food if you don’t pack lunch.

8. When the buka with affordable food is dirty and noisy.

9. But the nice and classy restaurants price their food as if you told them you want to eat a last supper!

10. Then you have some colleagues that bring the worst smelling concoctions to work in the name of lunch.

11. And the “fitfam” ones that don’t allow anyone hear word because of the leaves they are eating.

12. You, when people try to bond in the office canteen:

13. When people still expect you to say “come and join me” as if the recession is not affecting everybody.

14. When you say “come and join me” and one moron eats half your meat and almost all your plantain.



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