1. When Physics first starts and it was all easy and smooth.


2. When the results of the first test come out and you’re one of the top scorers.

This science stuff is easy!

3. When the stupid subject suddenly starts getting difficult.

I wasn’t ready!

4. When the teacher actually expects you to make things work during practical.

Am I Einstein?

5. When the teacher calls you out for getting a low score on the test.

What did you expect?!

6. When you’re in SS2 second term and your teacher says your exam scope is from SS1 first term.


7. When someone in Arts class is complaining about a subject.

How dare you?!

8. When your classmate organizes tutorials, but you still don’t understand so he’s just wasting his time.

Thanks for all your efforts.

9. When you teacher starts a calculation and expects you to finish it.

You, do you know it?

10. When you’re getting ready for WAEC but you have to pass Mock exams first.

You mean I have to read twice?

11. When you see Physics is the first subject on the exam timetable.

I’m not ready.

12. How you answer Physics questions.

Don’t ask me.

13. When you see the examination questions, and all you want to do is beg for help.


14. When all the efikos start submitting their paper but you’re still on number one.

Wait small neowww!

15. When voltage and current mean exactly the same thing to you.

Plis plis.

16. When you enter university to study Microbiology but you still cannot escape Physics.

Let me go nau!


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