1. When you realise you can no longer delay washing your jeans.

Unless you want to go around looking homeless.

2. You preparing for denim laundry.

It’s gonna be a deadly day!

3. When you add too much detergent into the bucket by mistake.

I will be here till next month oh!

4. When you forget things in the pockets of your jeans and only realise after you’ve started washing them.


5. When you mistakenly put jeans in one pile of clothes you’ve soaked and now all your clothes are blue.

Who has money to buy new clothes?

6. When you soak jeans and forget them.

Okay so now my calamity is double-double.

7. When your siblings see you washing your jeans and try to add their own.

If you people don’t get out of here!

8. What your hands look like when you’ve finished washing your jeans.

Kuku kill me!

9. When you’ve rinsed your jeans 7 times but they’re still soapy.

Why all this suffer suffer?

10. When you think you’re sharp and throw your jeans into washing machine carelessly and they shrink.

So what am I going to do now?


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