Black Friday if you did not know is a day reserved in November where prices are slashed and reduced drastically and companies give huge discounts and gift cards on item purchases, nobody ever wants to miss it. Here is a Black Friday experience and we are not alone on this for sure!

1. People who always say “I am waiting for Black Friday” all year long.

Okay now let us see about that, the day is coming.

2. And they never stop blabbing about it once November starts.

Can we hear word please?

3. But then you check what the hype is all about.

Well it would not hurt to see what it is about.

4. And then you see a ridiculous price for an item you’ve always wanted.

You don’t mean it!

5. And you become the number one face of “Waiting for Black Friday”.

We are about to buy out the store!

6. So you buy data and wait on the website for the deals to drop.

We all gonna die on the line.

7. And you keep refreshing the page…

I must not miss this thing today.

8. But then something looks fishy.

Oh no I did not wait ten months for this.

9. The site is crashing.

What is going on? What is happening?

10. And then the page finally loads back up!

I was about to lose hope.

11. But the item is sold out.

*cries in failed promises and expectations* What a waste, what is life, what do we have to live for.

12. So you have to try

Lets give this another shot!

13. But you see…

What is wrong with the world today?

14. So you resign to fate.

It will be better next year…by God’s grace.


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