In a lot of instances, Nigerians are quick to dish out excuses or complaints and most of the time, it is really hard to believe them. Here are a few of the regular lies that roll from Nigerian lips.

1. “I am not at home”

From creditors to landlords to people who you really do not want to see, this is the number one lie Nigerians tell whoever is home with them to tell on their behalf.

2. “I’m broke”

When it is time to contribute, or to spend money, or to buy aso-ebi this is the number one lie. We don’t know if Nigerians are really broke or they are just overly frugal.

3. “I am stuck in traffic”

This lie is really particular to Lagosians, and comes in handy because of the regular traffic jams. People could even use this as an excuse to be late to their own funerals.

4. “I’m a little bit down”

This is handy for; “Can you come help us set up this event?” “Can you come for the youth meeting?” “Can we get married today?” Nigerians will use this lie to get out of any commitment.

5. “Trust me I’m not lying”

This lie is the default red flag for “I am a huge liar”. We have gotten used to it now and we can use it to detect liars from 100 kilometers away.

6. “I ran out of credit”

This one works for every situation when you did not communicate properly; ” Why did you not call to inform us?” “Why did you not tell us you were about to die?” Perfect lie to get out of being blamed.

7. “I’m almost there”

This is probably a universal lie but Nigerians use this at will. It gets really annoying especially if the person running late has the keys to the house and you really want to use the bathroom.

8. “Don’t worry I will handle it”

Nothing screams “I am incompetent” more than this lie. Nigerian tailors use this one like they say “good morning”. When someone tells you this, keep an eye on everything they do.

9. “My house is not that far”

Residents of Ajah, Epe, outskirts of Abuja,

10. “I will pay you back next week, trust me”

Nigerians do this habitually, well not all Nigerians but the chronic debtors will throw this lie out just to get you to part with your hard earned money. Beware!


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