Whenever you see a movie poster with this man on it, just know he will use the line “the elders say”. The Nigerian embodiment of Solomon, we think he should have a book out already. Take a look at these posts by people who want to be him.

1. For you guys that love food more than life.

2. When you’re thinking the elders don’t know about #SeizeTheBae.

3. For those of you waiting for the “perfect moment” listen.

4. Are you trying to toast a babe that has never had a good relationship?

5. When a bus conductor asks a person in a G Wagon “who are you?”

6. Did you steal someone’s boyfriend? Or meat from the pot?

7. Sometimes some people are not just your mate.

8. Are you about to start a fight you can’t handle?

9. Just a quick reminder that sometimes your person can be your enemy.

10. Are you always hungry? Here’s your excuse.

11. If you ever thought the elders aren’t technology savvy.

12. Another perfect example of ‘You think you’re doing me, you’re doing yourself.

13. ​And if you were ever wondering who wisdom don epp, this quote will tell you.



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