The taller you are, the more the struggles…

1. When someone sees you and goes “You’re so tall!” like you forgot or something.

That’s not obvious at all.

2. Or they ask “are you a basketballer?”

Yes, absolutely. All tall people play basketball.

3. Random person: You should be a model.

Please, tell me more.

4. When someone expects you to cram your lengthy legs into the backseat of a car.

Are you not mad like this?

5. If you’re a really tall girl, you get the ‘don’t wear heels’ advice often.

Shut your soul up!

6. When your personal shoemaker would rather make you sandals than shoes. Because shoe size 49.

I’m not even mad.

7. When someone stares at you from your face down to your feet and back to your face again.

Are you convinced that I’m human now?

8. People assume you’re not single because you’re tall, dark and slightly handsome.

Is it your single?

9. When a short person tries to use you as shade.

If you don’t get!

10. When you see a fellow tall person.

I see you.

11. But when you’re over 6ft. but someone taller comes along.

My oga.

12. This is you when most of your squad are shorter than you.

They see me rollin’…

13. When you have to slow yourself down because you always walk slightly faster than the people you’re with.

Can’t you people walk faster?

14. When you lie down on your bed and two-tenths of your body is outside the bed.


15. When long-sleeved shirts are three-quarter sleeves for you.

It’s fine.

16. When people hug you, they’re also accepting to have their faces in your armpit.

It’s not my fault, it’s the height difference.

17. When you’re in a crowd or at a movie and people keep yelling that you’re blocking their view as if you grew tall solely for that purpose.

Move to the front, you muppet!

18. You, when you find correct length jeans.

It’s been too long.


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