Nobody is more disrespected in Nigeria than a housewife, and we’ve picked today to fight for them. If you are guilty of telling housewives any of these thirteen things, we are warning you now, better stop it.

“Why are you always tired? What do you even do all day that you are tired”

Oh, I don’t know only cook, clean and raise the kids. Small thing.

“So you just seat at home from morning till night, you are enjoying o”

If you don’t know what you are talking about, why won’t you just keep quiet ehn?

“So you mean you don’t work? Your husband must be really taking care of you o”

Yeah and I’m taking care of him and our kids too, so why don’t you mind your business.

“But what you are doing is not even hard now”

Why don’t you come and give it a shot first, you are just running your mouth.

“Oh you are bored? Tell your husband to open shop for you now”

I have a first degree and two masters, owning a shop isn’t my only option.

“I wish I was like you, so so enjoyment”

But what’s stopping you from being like me. Did I hold you?

“Why are you complaining about being a housewife, is your husband not taking care of you?”

Is that what I complained about?

“You don’t know how lucky you are that you don’t have to work”

Yes because it’s just play I’m playing as I’m at home.

“Don’t you want to get yourself a ‘real’ job?”

You that you have a ‘real job’ why do you still have time to monitor other people.

“So when are you going back to work?”

When are you going to start minding your business?

“But your kids go to school now, what do you now do all day?”

Listen to your silly questions apparently.

“You should find something to do with all this your free time”

But is it your own free time?

“Me, I could never be a housewife sha”

But who asked you?

Are you a Nigerian housewife? What’s the most annoying statement you’ve ever heard? Let’s know in the comments below.



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