1. When you finally see “Reproduction” in the syllabus.


2. When your Biology teacher enters the class and writes the topic on the board.


3. When people that have never attended Biology class before start appearing.

Oh? So you know your way to class?

4. How the class looks for the whole three weeks of the topic:

We must learn this thing.

5. When the teacher starts talking about reproduction in plants.

Get to the good stuff.

6. When the interesting topic starts and the whole class is like this every 5 minutes:

Biology Teacher, every 5 minutes: “Will you keep quiet?”

7. Boys in the class, paying extra attention like:

Ah! No time.

8. All the glances people start throwing when the puberty topic comes up:

See their face.

9. How the whole class looks at you if puberty hasn’t come knocking on your door yet:

E pele.

10. The class, when the teacher is explaining the female reproductive system:

Ah! Chineke!

11. When the teacher talks about how long other animals stay pregnant for.

Elephants, 22 months ke?

12. When the teacher starts drawing the human reproductive organs on the board.

Oho? Is it like that?

13. When the teacher asks “any questions?”

It’s now you will have questions.

14. “Excuse me ma, when will we do practical?”

“Are you mad?”

15. When they ring the bell for end of class but everyone is like:

See these ones.


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