1. When he thinks he’s entitled to the remote because he’s older.

Oya eat it now.

2. When you have to clean the whole house but he only has to wash the car.

Someone cannot even be younger in peace.

3. When you knew you were the younger – favorite – child, so you rubbed it in his face.

Can’t touch this!

4. When he stood up for you against someone.

That’s my brother.

5. When he got in trouble with your parents and it was just so much fun to watch.

Yes please, go on.

6. When you got in trouble for something your elder brother did because he lied better.

I’m betrayed.

7. When your parents blame him for your bad behavior.

*evil laugh*

8. When your friends come over and they start talking about how cute your brother is.

Jesus! Can you people shut up!

9. When your parents go out and leave your older brother in charge of you.

Can I write my will now?

10. When your brother brings over a new friend, and the friend is fine!

Look at God.

11. When you hit him and then had to run away as fast you could.

You can’t catch me.

12. When he asked for a bite of your food and then ate the whole damn thing.

You animal.

13. When you were used to playing together but he suddenly got older and moved on.

I just want my brother back.

14. When he tries to convince you not to tell your parents about something bad he’s done.


15. If you’re a boy, then his hand-me-downs littered your wardrobe as a kid.

Don’t look at me.

16. But then you realize you love him a lot, because he secretly looked after you.

Really, everyone should have an older brother.


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