Like Olajumoke, many successful people of today didn’t have a rosy background but ended up with a miraculous breakthrough.

She began her hustle in Iree, Osun state as a hairdresser. She later moved to Lagos and began selling bread to support her family.

Just like Leicester City forward, Jamie Vardy. Although he didn’t sell bread, he also “started from the bottom”.

When he was 16, Jamie tried to make his dreams as a footballer come true. He was rejected by Sheffield Wednesday because he was too small and wasn’t the kind of footballer they wanted.

However, he joined Stockbridge Park where he was paid 30 pounds a week, and worked as a carbon factory worker just to make ends meet.

Although he was earning roughly 850 pounds a week by the time he was signed to Leicester City, the team still didn’t stand a chance of winning the league by the time he joined.

Jamie Vardy’s team survived relegation in 2015 and with his help, miraculously won the league.

Just like how the God of Olajumoke came through for her only months after she came to Lagos…

That photobomb brought Olajumoke endorsements, a luxury apartment and of course, money!

Jamie is also cashing in roughly 80,000 pounds a week (as of early 2016) which is a lot considering where he came from.

And just like Olajumoke…

Vardy doesn’t joke with his family.

They’re both awesome and inspiring! Carry on jare!


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