1. You, devising new tactics to catch your prey.

Have to be prepared.

2. When you finally meet a light-skinned Igbo babe that is stronger than you.

This one has passed me.

3. When your girlfriend catches you in bed with her sister so you vex till she apologizes for coming home too early.

Next time call before you come home.

4. When you see your girlfriend you’ve cheated on 70 times shaking her male co-worker’s hand.

These women ain’t loyal.

5. When your girlfriend is bringing up marriage after just 7 years, so you dump her.

Impatient woman.

6. When you see your ex being happy and fulfilled without you in her life.

See me see trouble.

7. When your girlfriend accuses you of cheating but you’ve been faithful for 2 whole days.

With all my effort?

8. When you realize you have finally fallen in love.

Hay God!

9. When you see a babe you like and she is telling you she is married like that one is your business.

Is that what I asked you?

10. How you use N200 credit to call the 27 women in your life:

As a professional.

11. You, trying to deceive all your side chicks that your heart belongs to them.

Only you baby.

12. When you hear one of your 26 side chicks is leaving you to get married.

The pain.


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