1. Half the time, everyone forgets that you exist.

You can run away and no one would notice.

2. But when it’s time for chores you are stuck with the ones your older and younger siblings don’t want.

I’m not even mad.

3. When there are 4 of you and they even treat the second born better than you.

Na wa oh! I’m not even really in the middle.

4. When your siblings are arguing and you know you have to solve it.

I didn’t ask for this.

5. You’re constantly being bullied by the oldest and annoyed by the youngest.

This isn’t even life.

6. Somehow you’re blamed for everything. Because the oldest is too old to have done it and the youngest is too young to do it.

But I’m the perfect criminal? Great!

7. When your achievements don’t mean as much because your elder sibling already did it and your younger sibling will also do it.

So basically no need.

8. When your mom calls you every other siblings’ name except your own.

No, these are not tears.

9. When you suck up and do oversabi yet no one ever notices or gives you credit.

Hay God!

10. Whenever you remember that you were once the last born and you notice your younger sibling.

Kai God!

11. When your mom comes to pick her kids at school but she forgets you.

I’m here! Jesus!

12. Everyone in the house has a nickname but no one can be bothered to give you one.

Give me a nickname. Any nickname!

13. When your birthday isn’t enough of an event to be remembered.

Don’t mind me. This is only the day I came into the world.

14. For some reason, everyone assumes you require less attention than other kids.


15. But you get away with doing so many things because everyone forgets that you exist.



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