If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you may have seen a brilliant meme that has been going around the internet over the past few days. Now we have created a version specifically for Nigerians!

Meet Femi. Femi is the perfect human being. Here are 7 reason you should be like Femi:

1. Femi is not a Yoruba Demon

2. Femi lives the FitFam life

3. Femi does not share his whole life on Facebook

4. Femi is not a trailer that jams people unnecessarily on Twitter

5. Femi supports her friends on social media. Femi is not a hater

6. Femi isn’t selfish. Femi knows how to filter selfies on Instagram

7. Femi knows how to play Candy Crush like a grown up

We know you want to be like Femi.  Head to http://zikoko.com/be-like/ Add your name, gender and country of origin. Go forth and share your results!


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