1. When you have to wake up extra early to get to church.

2. When you have workers prayer meeting, workers general meeting and department meeting before eery church service.

3. When you don’t need to buy church clothes because you wear uniform every Sunday.

4. When everyone thinks you are holier than thou because you are a church worker.

5. When you can’t stay out too late on Saturday because you have work on Sunday morning.

6. When you still need to stay after church for more meetings like you haven’t already spent your whole day there.

7. When you department keeps growing and now they start acting like it’s a paramilitary something.

8. When some people in your department call the pastor “daddy” and expect you to follow suit.

9. When people try to hook you up with a fellow church work by force.

10. When there is a vigil on Friday, programme on Saturday and 3 services on Sunday.



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