This was arguably the best drama series on television back in the days. Nobody missed it. If you were one of the die hard fans you will understand these.

1. When it is closing time on Thursday

All roads lead to the house, see you all later.

2. Trying to figure out the best and fastest route to take home

I must get home before 8PM.

3. The whole family waiting for 8:00 PM in the living room

Can this show start already?

4. And then NEPA decides to take light at 7:30 PM


5. But you bought fuel the day before, just in case

NEPA you can keep your light. Who’s the boss now?

6. What the streets look like during Super Story time

Not one single human being outside.

7. Your parents during the “last week on your award winning Super Story” line

If I hear pim from anybody.

8. The whole family when the theme music is going on

Where the fish drownsssss, and even die of thirstttttt, this is Super Story!!

9. We all wanted to slap this guy through the screen

Suara the ungrateful husband.

10. Everybody’s favorite person

Abike from “Oh Father Oh Daughter”.

11. The worst

Toyin Tomato husband snatcher. Gold digger goals.

12. You knew this guy was always up to no good

Mr corrupt policeman or thief, just know he was the bad person.

13. You knew this was the default “chief”

Every time, and he was always rich.

14. This was always the mother of the house

Very calm woman. Usually suggests her son should marry another wife.

15. The girl that always came from grass to grace

Everytime! She needs to come and show us her secret.

16. When Super Story did those short series with only four episodes

Is this what we are here for please?

17. Everybody at the end of every series

It’s wind in my eyes, I’m not crying.

18. When it was time for the “wise word of the week”

The utter deepeness. Words of wisdom.


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