1. When you see a cockroach in your room.

Ah what is this oh!

2. When the cockroach now starts flying.

Somebody help me please my enemies have started!

3. When someone sends a live chicken to your parents for christmas

Your mates that send cooked one do they have two heads?

4. When one oversabi aunty says you should know how to kill a chicken by yourself.

Sorry ma, who asked you?

5. When someone else sends a ram to your house for your parents.

Is this a zoo?

6. When your parents tell you to tie and feed the ram.

You must all be joking!

7. When you go to visit your friends and they tell you they have a dog.


8. When they try to insist the dog is friendly and doesn’t need to be caged.

Bye bye!

9. When you see a cat in public.



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