When your Nigerian mum says  “Let’s go to the store or market” we know how that feels and the reactions that follow.  Here are a few ways you can survive a shopping trip with your mum.

1. Be prepared! Brace yourself!

Because it’s about to be a tough long experience.

2. Pack every single thing you need.

Water, toiletries, snacks, a sleeping bag also.

3. Prepare your muscles and get your energy up.

Because you are about to be a bag carrier for the rest of that day.

4. Prepare your secret shopping list.

Who knows you may get lucky.

5. Tell her how much you love her on the way to the shop.

Of course you’re the best mum in Nigeria! You always surprise me with the best things!

6. Prepare to be disappointed.

Because you will most likely not get anything you want.

7. Be ready to agree to every and anything.

Because nobody wants any problems.

8. Get ready to be interviewed for every thing you pick.

That is if you are allowed to get anything.

9. Get ready to be wowed by her bargaining skills.

When she is haggling a price from N13,000 to N1,300.

10. Get your patience levels to 110%.

When she mistakenly spots the choir mistress in the crowd of people.

11. Unfold your mat, sleeping bag or chair and relax.

it is going to be a longer day.

12. And never forget to say “God bless you”.

When she finally says “Let us head home”.


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