1. So one Saturday, I was about to start my day of relaxation with breakfast.

2. Then I realised there was no oil in my kitchen.

3. Which means I had to leave my house!

4. Halfway through the journey, my slippers cut!

5. First, I wondered if I should go back home or just continue.

6. But then would I drag my leg with the torn slippers?

7. Or maybe I should remove both slippers.

8. But will I use my bare feet to roam the streets?

9. So I started dragging my leg back home!

10. Some people were looking at me like:

11. Meanwhile the remaining were laughing at me like:

12. Then I heard someone consoling me for my paralysis.

13. I eventually dragged myself home

14. Full of shame and regret!

15. And slept away the hunger that put me in trouble in the first place!



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