1. When you first get into final year.

I have arrived!

2. When you realize that you played for the first three years and now it’s time to get serious.

God forbid extra year.

3. When you give up on dressing/eating/living because who has time for that.

It’s so hard.

4. When you see final year students still forming fashionista and facebeat.

How do they get the time?

5. When all your mates are talking about their after school plans and you’re just confused.

Wait, you people already have plans? I’m just trying to pass!

6. When you look at your course list and all you want to do is sleep till graduation.

Don’t wake me up.

7. When you’ve submitted project proposal 7 times and it’s been rejected 7 times.

Kuku kill me.

8. When your supervisor chooses your project topic and now you’re sure you will not graduate.

Much thanks, sir.

9. When someone tells you they’ve finished their project and it’s just the first semester.

Who asked you?

10. When you start wondering about the lowest CGPA you can have to graduate.

You people cannot kill me.

11. When a lecturer gives you 45 when he can just add one mark to give you a D.

In the name of God.

12. When all your final exams are hard because your lecturers are basically demons.

Did I offend you?

13. When you’re still confused about the application of your course in real life.

What will I do with my life?

14. When your parents ask you what you’re graduating with but you’re not sure.

First class lower?

15. When they release the first graduation list and your name is not on it.


16. Now you have to run to your department to fix that.


17. When they finally call your name on graduation day.

Buh bye!


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