1. After a long and difficult week of work, the weekend is here!

2. Now all you want to do is chill and sleep.

3. But your friends are sending messages and calling you, to find out where the party at!

4. So to help you avoid the stress and expenses of a night out, here are a few excuses.

5. “Today is the anniversary of my great grandmother’s call to glory so I want to spend it in contemplative silence”.

6. “My financial status is currently unable to tally with your expectations this glorious evening”.

7. “My doctor said I need to stay at home and rest every third Friday of the month”.

8. “My mother said she had a dream and I can’t move around this night oh, better safe than sorry!”

9. “Oh I have a lot of work to catch up on”.

10. Or you can just ignore their phone calls and messages and claim your phone was faulty!



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