You get the first invitation only first year after university.

What’s going on here? I’m still trying to figure out my life and you’re already making a big decision. What’s the rush?

When they add you to the organising committee WhatsApp Group

Oh great. I’m already in about 50 groups I would rather not be in. How much damage could one more do?

Then they make you the group admin

Give me a break nau. I don’t even control my life and now I’m an administrator in a group.

When you realise that this means you can’t leave

Uhm, you played dirty, my friend.

When they tell you the price of the Aso-Ebi

LMAO. So, you are telling me that I will have to save 40% of my salary for five months before I can afford this? I hardly ever buy clothes for myself.

When they keep hitting you up repeatedly to confirm if you will attend

Oh, look at that. My presence is important to someone.

The joy when you catch up with your classmates from school at the wedding

My people, my people. Look at y’all living your best lives

Then you shift the party to your table.

Nothing much here, we just like to party!!

After everything is over and you calculate how much it cost you

But I wasn’t the one that got married now. How did this happen?

You are still laying low when another friend hit you up with an invitation

You people should chill now. Is this my life now?

When you tell your mum you are attending another one and she hit you up with the “when are we doing your own?” line:

Leemao. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, mother.

But you consider it for a moment

Uhm, I should probably start thinking of this.

Then you look at your account and know that you’re not ready

Hey, God! This shit ain’t for me. It’s cheaper to be a wedding guest.

Besides, you need to find the LOYL first

That’s it then. I’m going to be that unmarried uncle/auntie.


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