Some men randomly think they should be the ones to define how women live their lives.

No. You don’t get to have an opinion about other people’s lives.

1. “A woman cannot be lovely and sexy…”

But you can shut up and be quiet though.

2. “Women cannot work in tech, science, comedy etc…”

I know that you know how silly this sounds.

3. “Women should not be bulky or they’ll look like men.”

Yeah. Okay.

4. “Women should not talk when men are talking.”

Oya, come and hold our mouths now.

5. “An adult woman who is not married is a failure.”

Your ring or surname is not a gift. Come and be going please.

6. “Men prefer women who use little make up.”

Women prefer men with no opinions and shut mouths.

7. “A woman who argues with or criticizes a man is a disgrace.”

Ah, we are sorry. Commander of Women Affairs.

8. “Every time a woman is angry it’s most likely her period.”

No. We were created to have a range of emotions too. Anger is among.

9. “Women can never get along with other women.”

Maybe if you stopped pitting us against each other?

10. “If you are not a slim woman you should not expose your body.”

Please free my fat.

11. “Intelligent woman =/= Married woman.”

That’s pathetic.

12. “Most women who are assaulted brought it on themselves.”

Yeah, and when you’re robbed, it’s your fault too.

13. “Women who cannot cook are an embarrassment.”

If you’re hungry, don’t go and eat. Wait for my embarrassment to fade.

14. “A woman who stays out after 10pm is badly behaved.”


15. “A woman who has many male friends is a slut.”

I’m sure you were raised better than this.

16. “A woman who is sexually active and unmarried is a massive hoe.”

Pot, meet kettle.

17. “A woman who doesn’t accept her cheating husband back is a home wrecker herself.”

Yes, please. *picks up wrecking ball*

18. “A woman who earns more than her husband should always make him feel ‘like a man’ regardless.”

How is that a woman’s job??? Are you kidding???

19. “Lightskinned women are better than darkskinned women.”

Yet you’ll say women hate themselves.

20. “Team relaxed hair over Team Natural.”

Team no uterus, no opinion.

21. “Women who are fighting for gender equality are just trying to cause chaos in the world.”

Shut your soul up.

22. “Women cannot be in powerful leadership positions because they are too emotional.”

Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, Oprah. They beg to differ.

23. “Women shouldn’t shout it’s un-ladylike or have an opinion or breathe or anything…”

You can do better.


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