1. The Razz Girlfriend

Will embarass you in public You can’t take her out Her boyfriend is probably named Sege

2. The Lowkey Most Wanted Girlfriend

Nobody knows who she is dating But everybody still wants her She has different boyfriends she doesn’t even know about

3. The Fortunate Girlfriend

Everybody likes her and pities her Can give you 40% of her salary if she loves you Once you break up with her good things start happening to her

4. The Role Model Girlfriend

Is dating a rich guy Has the best and perfect relationship She is your boyfriend’s WCW

5. The Talkative Girlfriend

Wants to talk all the time Is always making grammar mistakes Can still steal your boyfriend

6. The “our wife” Girlfriend

Is very pretty and liked by everyone Will cook for her boyfriend and his friends Cries a lot when she is maltreated

7. The Patient Girlfriend

Treats her boyfriend right all the time Will forgive you if you cheat Only if you sing “African Queen” three times

8. The Greedy Girlfriend

Cannot keep her eyes somewhere Always looking for some special type of boyfriend called Johnny She will use all your money for funny hairstyles

9. The Family’s Favorite Girlfriend

Is the best girlfriend Her boyfriend’s mother and her are best friends Her boyfriend likes to call her “my wife”

10. The Gist Bank Girlfriend

Has every human beings gist Will tell you who your boyfriend is cheating on you with Will show you her expensive bag when you ask “where is your boyfriend?”

11. The Relationship Advisor Girlfriend

Will tell you what to do to have the best relationship Always has relationship problems Can dress well and steal your man at your own wedding

12. The Secret Girlfriend

Will dress better than the host at any party Can help you date your boyfriend Knows how to run a catering business

13. The Angry Girlfriend

She probably pressured her boyfriend into a relationship Can beat you up and cause trouble if you don’t propose quickly Will break up with you and block you on instagram if you smile to another girl

14. The Sure Girlfriend

Comes from a rich family Spoils her boyfriend whenever she can Your boyfriend is probably in her inbox


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