1. When your class teacher used to call the bad gang with your name:

“Uche and co. you people have started again abi?”

2. When you would visit your friends and their parents frowned at you throughout.

Ah did I kill anybody?

3. When your friends had to lie about where they were going if you were involved.

Can you imagine?

4. When your siblings did not like anybody knowing you were their sibling.

Before they will think your wahala is a family trait!

5. When your parents were tired of coming to school because of you.

Every day one complaint after another.

6. When parents asked that their children not be seated next to you in class.

The children will now still come and look for you!

7. When people would come and meet you anytime they wanted to look for trouble.

Did they write nuisance on my head?

8. When your name was always on the noisemakers list with *5 or more.

The class captain was just an oversabi bad belle!

9. When the headmaster’s office was your second classroom.

You must go there almost every day.

10. When after all their insults you still did well in school!

Look at God!


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