On March 5, 2017,  Kermit Kemen, a contestant of the on-going Big Brother Naija, was rightfully disgraced and kicked out of the show, for sexually assaulting Tboss, another contestant, while she was asleep, and probably passed out after having a few drinks.

Thanks to social media, the video clip of him assaulting Boss quickly spread and he was immediately given the boot, to obviously pass the message across that sexual assault is unacceptable on the show.

As expected, Kemen’s evictions sparked an important conversation and because many Nigerians are unfortunately, yet to understand how concept really works, people on Twitter took it upon themselves to share a few tips:

1. For the people that don’t understand ‘No means No’.

2. Silence is not consent!

3. A woman’s body is not an open invitation for sex.

4. Religious leaders and organisations ought to teach their congregation the concept of consent.

5. Bellanaija’s take on the gist

6. Omojuwa choked his mouth in the matter too.

7. Can we all just be like this young boy?

8. This hilarious but apt explanation of consent.

9. Consent also applies to sex workers.



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