1. Make sure you invite them 2 hours early because of African Time

You want to start at 11? You have to tell them 9.

2. Make sure your MC isn’t a learner

All his jokes are from when Obasanjo was president.

3. Lose the invite of that uncle that likes to report

See him o, he has already started calling your mother.

4. The two cousins that fight, keep them away from each other

You can’t be using valuable dancing time to separate Mortal Kombat.

5. Don’t worry about sending your in-laws transport money, they’ll find their way

Don’t chase any cats away too, they’re from the village.

6. Keep your yoruba demon friends away from any girls

His version of small chops is a broken heart.

7. Make sure the small chops is plenty unless they’ll be squeezing face

Looking like you killed their mothers.

8. Laugh at everyones jokes, even if they aren’t funny

Your cheeks will pain you but at least everyone’s happy.


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