1. When teenagers go and cry to their parents about heartbreak.

Wait! So no slaps and a lecture on facing your education? WOW

2. When a teenager says “shut up mom” or “shut up dad” in a moment of rebellion and the next scene is not their funeral.

How please?

3. When a character in an action movie can travel around the world impromptu without a single visa interview.

Wow so you can just move around like that? Must be nice.

4. When a character ignores a whole table of food because they are late to work.

So you will waste all that food like that.

5. When the villain wants to kill the protagonist and starts making one long unnecessary speech.

Face your killing work please.

6. When white people hear a “noise” even though they’re the only ones at home and decide to go and investigate.

If you sit down and ignore it is it not better?

7. When a group of friends decide to play with an ouija board or visit a haunted house “for fun”.

If you are looking for death, please just say it.

8. When the underdog wins even though he/she has been inept throughout the movie.

How please?


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