1. When someone mentions reporting you to the boss

Report who? You no know oga na my padi.

2. When someone from another department sends you on an errand

You think i’m your house boy ba?

3. When they hire a new person and you’re now the senior worker

Na me be O.G.

4. How you sit down at your desk

This is my fathers parlour now.

5. When someone that used to bully you at the office now needs your help

Can you see your life?

6. How you look at your phone when you get a work text at home

Don’t you people sleep, nawa o.

7. When someone threatens to fire you

I beg your pardon?! You know who I am?

8. When they actually fire you for slacking off

Oga please, i’m a father of five. Don’t do this.


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