1. “Guy, the pad is slippery. Who used it last?”

If you didn’t eat so much, I wouldn’t be losing.

2. Chill, let’s restart. There was something in my eye when you scored that 5th goal.

No, it was sand not my tears.

3. It’s not my fault I lost, you were talking too much. It’s distracting na.

Your voice is too loud.

4. “Let me use that pad. You gave me the bad one, scammer”

The pad is hot even… You knew it was bad.

5. This seat isn’t comfortable. It’s giving me back pain.

So I must break my back over FIFA

6. “Is this FIFA 2020? I only play FIFA 2012”

Why are you bringing a different game for me?

7. “Put on the AC, how am I supposed to play in this heat. Am I a snake?”

Whether you want to cook hotdog in this heat. Fool.

8. I like Call of Duty even. You know i’m not a sports person

I only play shooting games, you know na.


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