1. Going to eat without asking her if she’s hungry

“Wooow, so you want me to starve. Trying to assassinate me?”

2. Telling her her friend is fine

“Go and marry her na, Judas”

3. Not complimenting her on her outfit…even though she wore the same thing last week

“Seun, it’s my fault. You’ve seen me too much that’s why you can disrespect me like this”

4. Not complimenting her new hair…EVEN THOUGH IT LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME AS LAST TIME

“No Seun, don’t beg me. It’s like ill just be scraping my hair from now”

5. Not asking her how her day was, even though you guys were together all day

“Nawa for you Seun, so you don’t care if I was with another man?”

6. Not knowing you did something wrong even if she didn’t tell you

“Don’t tell me you don’t understand Seun, you know what you did wrong. I can’t help you”

7. Leaving the room when she tells you to get out

“You too you left?! Better pray I don’t walk out of your life Seun”


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