1. The tweet that helps us begin with prayer.

2. The tweet about exchange rate and dabbing.

3. The poetic exchange rate tweet.

4. The tweet that had us seeing the better side of corruption.

5. The tweet about money doubling.

6. This tweet that captures our sarcastic laughter.

7. The tweet about meeting PMB.

8. This tweet about priorities.

9. This tweet where ‘TheMBuhari’ claps back.

10. This tweet about international exposure.

11. The tweet about Mikel Obi’s influence on the exchange rate.

12. And this one that relates the exchange rate to Manchester United.

13. This tweet about Peugeots.

14. The tweet about the dollar price affecting everything.

15. The tweet about the Naira and the Dollar in a picture.

16. The tweet about IJGBs.

17. And this one about problem sizes.

18. The tweet about online shopping.

19. The tweet about pocket money.

20. This tweet to all onigbeses.

21. This tweet about studying abroad.

22. And this one about picking the right course.

23. The tweet about deleting temptation.

24. The tweet about respect.

25. This tweet about ‘turn by turn’.



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