This post was inspired by everyone who contributed to this trend.

1. When you had to go to the beach, but it wasn’t for fun.

I’m not crying.

2. When being a child didn’t stop you from being a soldier of Christ.

Never too early, bruh!

3. When it looked like attending church was all you ever did.


4. When you hear the song, “Jesu ja” and you lose all home training.

Give me space to dance plis!

5. When a Woli is beating you and your siblings and your mom just unlooks.

<_< >_>

6. When you already bought your ticket to travel but a new prophecy says you can’t.

Jeso Kreste! Who will refund this money?!

7. When the person delivering messages starts walking towards you.

*replays entire life in 5 seconds*

8. When they mention your name during Visions and Dreams.


9. When C&S people come to the Celestial Church for harvest and it’s time to clap.


10. When you invite your friend to church & 3 prophets prophesy about him that day.

Lmao, what?!

11. When you bow at the wrong time during the 7 Hallejuahs, Hosannahs, and Ebenezers.

Please don’t judge me.

12. How people from other churches look when you tell them about your church.

Ah pele oh!

13. ‘When you hear “Jerri ri mo ya ma”, and you’re happy because service is almost over.

Thank God!

14. When the Olusho is preaching and one of the choristers hits the keyboard, and you’re in the choir.

Wasn’t me!

15. When the Woli says someone is going on Ori-Oke for 7 days.

I don’t want it.

16. When you hear “the time has now come for 7 elders prayer…”.

This is where Monday will meet us.

17. When people are starting to go into trances and you’re just wishing your mum isn’t one of them.

Please now!

18. When you turn to the wrong corner of the earth during Halleluyah.

Sorry neoww! So many bad eyes.


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