1. How the security harasses you at the gate because of ID card.

Uncle calm down.

2. When you see the queue for cabs to Tanke.


3. When a fresher asks you what ‘face Tanke’ means.

Look at this one.

4. How freshers sprint for lectures in SLT and LT1.

It’s not like they’ll graduate with 1st class.

5. When you realise there’s an actual restaurant called Sister Biggs.

No shame!

6. How Sister Biggs looks like on a Monday afternoon.

Is the whole school eating here?

7. When you’re trying to book a bed space but they closed the portal after 30 seconds.

I’ll kuku sleep under the bridge at Challenge .

8. How the flies welcome you when you enter Lagos hostel.


9. When you see a fine girl walking into Lagos hostel.

After all the forming.

10. When you see the shotput nylons behind Zamfara hostel.

What is this rubbish?

11. How you get to PG hostel when there’s no Keke at the park.

The struggle.

12. When you’re broke and you can’t take the 20 Naira school bus because you’re a big girl.

Hay God!

13. When you see people loving up on walkway.

See these ones.

14. How people come to show their newest kacks on block 4 of walkway.

As per all the big boys and girls are sitting there.

15. When you see freshers kacking on their Matriculation.

You never jam.

16. When you’re wearing trousers and you hear dress-code people are at the car park.


17. How girls that have boyfriends in Engineering carry their shoulders.

As per they’re not our mates.

18. When you go to Oke-Odo and realise it’s just Unilorin extension.

Na wa o.


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