Did you know that Nigeria spends nothing less than 1.3 trillion Naira on only food importation annually?

Shocking right? Well It’s true. Now think about the amount spent on importing other goods. Here are some of the things you wouldn’t believe Nigeria imported.

1. Tomatoes

In fact, 16 billion is spent on importing them every year.

2. Wrist watches

3. Leather

Now think of all the leather bags, shoes and commodities you have eaten and all the income that could’ve been generated. No? We didn’t expect any remorse sha.

4. Umbrellas

Unbelievable, right?

5. Walking sticks

Is your mouth opened in surprise yet?

6. Human hair.

We’re not judging.

7. Tobacco

8. Musical instruments

9. Paper

All those exercise books and novels! Gasp!

10. Matresses

11. Artificial flowers

Who would’ve thought?

12. Rice

One would think importation of  Ofada rice (also known as brown rice in the abroad), a much more delicious and healthier brand of rice would be more valued and invested in.

13. Palm oil

In spite of the unending number of palm trees in Nigeria.

14. Salt

15. Milk

16. Sugar

Even with abundance of sugarcane sticks.

In this hard economic times, we hope efforts will be made into locally producing and also exporting some of these things.



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