1. When you’re in the middle of ironing for the next day and the light goes off.

Well, there goes my responsible look.

2. When your football team is just about to score and they take the light.

The god of football will punish you.

3. When you’ve not had light for three days and NEPA flashes the light for 3 seconds.


4. When they cut your light but you’ve paid your bills.

Wait, what is happening?!

5. Then you complain and they ask you to pay to fix it.

Are these ones not foolish like this?

6. When your house has an electric fault and you’re the only one who doesn’t have light.

It hurts so bad.

7. When your phone is at 10% and they bring the light…then they take it.

You horrible people!

8. When you’re cooking with electricity and the light goes off.

Soggy plantain is still plantain.

9. When your prepaid units run out in the middle of the night.

Welcome to sweat station.

10. When NEPA brings light that’s too high and it blows all your gadgets.

NEPA, y u no get sense?

11. Or it’s too low and you can’t even see anything.

Well, small victories.

12. When it’s bill period and you suddenly start having light.

This isn’t life.

13. Then the bill comes, and the light you’ve had and the amount on the bill don’t add up.

Please, don’t be stupid.

14. When they keep bringing and taking the light and you have to keep putting your gen on and off.

Make a decision.

15. When they bring light at every other time EXCEPT when you really need it.

Why am I not surprised?

16. When you leave the AC on the highest forever because you don’t know when they will take the light.



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