1. When the inside of your phone that costs N120,000 is the same as the inside of another N10,000 Android device.

Oh joy!

2. When your charger spoils…

What the…!

3. …But pretty much any wire can charge your device.

And it’s not even expensive.

4. The difference between you and an iPhone user.


5. Whenever an iPhone user is complaining about battery life.

Who sent you?

6. When an app is not available in the Nigerian play store.

Where is it now available?

7. When other people already have an app update but you’re still there waiting like:

Ordinary update.

8. The struggle of using your Nigerian bank MasterCard on the Playstore.

Kuku kill me.

9. When your Android falls face down and it is not a Samsung or HTC.

When you’re ready you’ll stand up.

10. When these phone manufacturers release a new, more expensive Android phone.

They all look the same.

11. When Google Now cannot really understand your accent.

Better behave.

12. When people make fun of Android Snapchat quality.

I’m not crying.

13. You, refusing to update your OS because there will always be problems.

Updates always, always come with terrible ringtones.

14. When your auto-correct starts correcting and suggesting words for you.

No auto-correct, I really meant to type that.

15. When the OS argument is going on and Windows phone users want to join in.

This doesn’t concern you though.

16. You, when an iPhone user moves to Android.

You’ve seen the light.


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