1. When the symptoms start appearing and you already know what’s coming.

It has started.

2. When the doctor just assumes it’s malaria that is doing you, because it usually is.

It is not your fault sha.

3. You, trying to find where your appetite disappeared to.

I don’t even remember I’m supposed to be hungry.

4. When that bitterness hits your tongue and everything you eat tastes like suffering and regret.

What is this level of suffering?

5. When you remember those days of chloroquin and quinine and just thank God that struggle is over.

Those days were the WORST!

6. When you start remembering when you were actually well and how you didn’t appreciate it.

The good ol’ days.

7. When you think you’ll at least lose small weight but your scale is just looking at you like:

Keep dreaming.

8. When you take antibiotics and everything from your sweat to your soul starts smelling like it.

You and everything you touch will now be smelling like sickness

9. When the malaria is at its worst and all your dreams become like Nollywood horror films.

I can’t sleep again.

10. When you start regretting not taking anti-malaria drugs sooner.

The mistakes we make.

11. When you think it’s just regular malaria and the doctor starts talking about admitting you.

Just like that?

12. When you start sweating anyhow and you know the malaria drugs have started winning the battle.

The storm is over.

13. You, trying to regain your strength like:

Epp me, God.

14. When you think you’re finally better and try to be active again and the malaria comes back like:

Hay God!

15. When the fear of malaria is the beginning of wisdom.


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