It’s never that serious…

1. When Ash Wednesday comes and you know the next 40 days are about to be full of temptations.


2. When you get to church and the priest marks ash very deeply on your fresh make up.

But you can’t complain because you’re dust and unto dust you shall return.

3. When someone asks you if you know you have ash on your forehead.

Thank you, oh!

4. When you realize you have to give up something you love for 40 days.

It’s that time again.

5. When you finally decide what to give up for lent.


6. When you mistakenly do what you were supposed to give up.


7. When you know you basically can’t eat anything every Friday during Lent.

It’s just 40 days sha.

8. And you remember the 14 Stations of the Cross and all that walking!

It’s so hot!

9. But you can’t complain because Jesus died for your sins.

Yes Jesus!

10. When you remember that there are no drums in church for the next 40 days.

Old rugged cross time…

11. When you say ‘Alleluia’ instead of ‘Amen’ during lent.

Forgive me Lord, for I have sinned!

12. When you tell your mother you’re not fasting during lent.

Is that a joke?

13. Your face when your non-catholic friends say they’re observing lent too – because Catholic school.

LMAO, willingly?!

14. When non-catholics start debating the merits and demerits of the Lenten season.

Yes. Please go on. Your opinion matters.

15. When someone misbehaves to you, but you’re a good person for the next 40 days.

It’s your time, enjoy.


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