1. Typing in Google to find the best schools that have your program.

Y U NO have my program?

2. And then you see the tuition rates.

Are we learning how to make gold from pure water.

3. And you begin to reconsider If Masters is really worth it.

Maybe having a spare parts business isn’t as bad as they say.

4. But you know you will be able to join ‘Init” and “Student Visa Twitter” and have fast internet.

About to be in a different time zone bruv…

5. When one agent is trying to help you get “quick admission” with N200k service charge.

Boy if you don’t get…

6. When you see the list of exams you have to write to get considered.

Only me GRE, GMAT, TOEFL… Nobody said it will be like this.

7. Then they hit you with the list of essays you have to write after the exams.

What is a personal statement for Gods sake? Why you doing this to me?

8. When you have to stay on the phone on hold for thirty minutes with the admission office.

Hello…can you hear me… All this credit wasting listening to random adverts.

9. But you get your admission letter in your email later that night.

I feel happy, I feel grateful and I feel fulfilled. I’m happy because I never experrit…

10. Trying to calculate how much it will cost for flights, tuition, accommodation, new MacBook.

All this money…where will I find it.

11. And the only option is to look for scholarships.

I need help please. God will bless you if you can just help small.

12. When it’s time to go through the embassy struggle.

Every power against my Visa application, Die by Fire!

13. And you get your visa and you can now change your location in your bio.

I’m Stepping into my promised land.

14. Trying to get everything you need for your trip.

Don’t worry it’s just hand luggage.

15. And on the last “hangout” with your friends.

But this time as an IJGB with my new accent.


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