1. How you pray to God before going for any event

God abeg!

2. How you tell yourself you’re not going to eat too much

I must behave myself.

3. How you actually lose your hometraining when you see food


4. You, eating everything you see

Including those oversabi that tell you to watch what you’re eating.

5. When an ITK tries to tell you to watch what you’re eating

Face your front!

6. How your relationship with food really looks like:

Your worst enemy and best friend.

7. When your stomach tries to disgrace you and starts making noise in public

So disrespectful!

8. You hoping no one heard the loud rumble in your stomach

“Hay God, hope my crush didn’t hear that”.

9. You looking for the nearest toilet around.

This thing must not drop oh!

10. When you’re still forming ajebutter and looking for a clean toilet

Cleanliness is next to godliness abeg!

11. You, when the only available toilet is a public latrine

Father be a sanitiser!

12. How you poop when there’s no clean toilet in sight.

Can’t be catching disease on top ordinary poop.

13. How you hang your head in shame after destroying the toilet

My stomach needs help.

14. What you use to wash your body so you can forget the whole experience

Scrub all the embarrassment away!

15. How you look at your stomach after it stressed you so much

So rude.

16. You, promising not to go out when you get home

You kuku know you’re going to do it again


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