1. You, the moment you hear, “anything she want, she must to get o”.


2. When Jenifa says “How is you?”


3. When James says “I go scratch scratch scratch your face”.

No chill!

4. Jenifa, whenever Pelumi comes with her bad belle.

Hay God!

5. Gene-give-me and beggi-beggi.

Na wa!

6. How Adaku eats everybody’s food.


7. How Jenifa forms shakara when Sege starts toasting her.

As if she doesn’t like him.

8. Jenifa, when Esther snatched her boyfriend.

See disgrace.

9. All of us, when Sege and Jenifa finally started dating.

At last!

10. When John the Genius starts blowing grammar.

What’s doing this one?

11. When someone says Jenifa’s Diary is razz.

Your face is razz.

12. When someone says they don’t find Jenifa funny.

You need prayers.

13. When you meet someone that watches Jenifa’s Diary.


14. You, every episode of Jenifa’s Diary.

15. When someone you know starts saying, “Wha in dait?”



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