1. How you eat because you cannot get fat.

I can eat double my weight.

2. When you visit your grandma and she keeps repeating that you have to eat something…

While pinching your cheeks.

3. When someone sees you and says, ‘you haven’t changed at all’.

Why, thank you.

4. Or when they ask “Why are you so skinny?”.

It’s called a fast metabolism.

5. When people assume that you’re younger than you actually are.

I’m not young. Just skinny.

6. When someone tries to carry you as a test of their strength.

Are you foolish?

7. When your friends are complaining about being fat and you’re just standing there awkwardly.

To laugh or not to laugh.

8. When someone says you’d look better with more flesh.

Can I borrow from you?

9. When you’re forced to sit in the middle of the car because you are the smallest.

Y’all exhaust me.

10. When people joke about your weight and you laugh with them even though it burns.

*silently cries inside*

11. When someone says it’s not fair that you’re so skinny.

Yes. Because I chose it.

12. When they grab your wrists to emphasize how small or thin they are.

Have you gone mad?

13. “Why are you working out?”…”Do you want to disappear?”

“Do you want me to slap you to hell?”

14. When you cannot complain about anything, because people believe that being skinny solves 100% of your problems.

It’s not always about that, please.

15. Your new year’s resolution: Gain. A. Little. Weight.

Maybe then, they’d all shut up.


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