1. When you wake up and remember you have to drive to work


2. Starting your car and you see four new indicator lights on

Na wa oh!

3. So you have to pray for the car with everything you have

This car will take me to work in Jesus name.

4. Driving as carefully as possible

Because any small bump is suicidal for your car.

5. Checking the road every 100 meters to see if there are potholes

Shock absorber don cost.

6. When people invite you for a gathering you have to drive to

Not today pls, my grandfathers grandson died we are burying him today.

7. You when you’re passing by your mechanic

What is a mechanic?

8. But then nemesis catches up with you and the car won’t start

Even after all my prayers and anointing oil. I’m not crying.

9. Your mechanic when he sees you stranded checking your bonnet

Mr playing hide and seek. Mr Mechanic avoider. Dodging all the mechanics. Managing the car like a manager.

10. So you have to head to your mechanic

Have mercy oh, Oga Samuel

11. When your mechanic starts calling out everything that is wrong with your car

All these things, only this small car.

12. Calculating the least amount of money you can spend

Servicing: N5k, brake pad: N6k, injector cleaning: N5k.

13. You trying to negotiate with your mechanic

Please abeg, epp me.

14. When you end up driving away with a half serviced car

Let me go and manage it abeg.


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