1. How you really feel everyday since Ramadan started.

Iftar, where are you?

2. And you’ve been in a constant battle with sleep.

The struggle is real.

3. How you act calm but deep down you’re just counting down to Eid.

I can’t wait abeg!

4. So you wake up one morning and realise it’s Lailatul Qadr season.


5. So you try to make up for all your lazy days.

*Sujuds forever*

6. How you feel when your period decides to show up at the end of Ramadan.

Kuku kill me.

7. How you wait to collect the Sallah cloth you gave your tailor last year.

Hay God!

8. How you wait for them to sight the moon on the 29th of Ramadan.

This moon better not act childish.

9. When they don’t sight the moon and you have to fast for one more day.


10. When they finally announce the public holidays and it’s not a long weekend.

What nonsense!

11. You, planning to eat everything you see at the end of Ramadan.

My body is ready.

12. How you feel during the last Taraweeh.

Tomorrow will be lit!

13. When you realise part of you doesn’t want Ramadan to end.

Till next year!


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