On January 27th 2016, an epic trailer fight occurred between Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose.

It all started when Wiz made some ‘innocent comments’ that included the letters ‘KK’ which turned kanye into the next Meek Mill. Kanye then tried to come for Amber. But Amber Rose is the queen of all clapbacks! But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about the hilarious memes and tweets that the internet has created. Here are 13 of our favourite:

1. This one about Kim’s reaction to Amber Rose’s clap back.

Just look at Kanye’s face.

2. After playing with Kanye’s booty, Amber Rose be like…


3. This one about North West.


4. And if you really look at it..

Another angle.

5. This very important question.

The answer is in the question but what do we know?

6. An important lesson in life.

We hope you’re taking notes.

7. When the storm is finally over.

For now.

8. This one about not doing Mogbo moya.

Major key to success.

9. Brilliant Ads!

And they have got punchlines too.

10. How some people think the world revolves.

Because, philosophical musicians.

11. This one about Kanye not having any chill.

He might come for us too, because, ZKK.

12. When your new girlfriend doesn’t mind too.

And you didn’t have to ask her.

13. The most anticipated emoji of 2016.

It is lit!




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