1. Going through 3 hours of boring practicals every week.

*Dozes off till judgement day”*

2. When the dilute acid or base from experiments gives you major skin irritation.

When will the pain end?

3. When everybody’s reagent turns orange but yours is pink.

F for Fantastic!

4. When your titre value is not even close to the standard end point.

5. Memorising so many formulas, laws and theories.

And making them into songs like Avogadro’s law lo so wipe….

6. Not understanding a single thing taught in your Physics class.

What does capacitance mean sef?

7. Reading this big black book of sadness, pain and frustration.

All those difficult calculations and formulae.

8. Coming across a chemistry term in your physics class.

Hay God! Again?

9. When you get to drop further maths in SS3.

We will meet at the feet of Jesus please.

10. Having to write fewer notes than your mates in arts and social science classes.

Nobody got time to write government and history notes.

11. Having only two girls in your class of over 25 boys.

What’s all this now?

12. Dreaming of studying either medicine or engineering in the university.

Certainly not Biochemistry or Cell Biology.

13. Getting through the frustration by reading this awesome textbook.

Ababio for the pain.


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